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NLP and Body Language

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has been around since the 1970's. Its primary use has been in the areas of personal development, communication and psychotherapy.

Neuro - The physical, mental and emotional components of our neurology (nervous system).

Linguistic - The language you use to communicate - with others and especially with yourself.

Programming - The way thoughts, emotions, and perceived results of past experiences affect all areas of our lives.

Body Language -  The process of communicating non-verbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements.

Alexanne Stone

Speaker - Author - Body Language Expert

NLP Trainer Since 1991

Create Your Best Year NOW!

Step into your future using NLP and the Laws of Vibration and Attraction!

FRIDAY, January 15th

10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Combining NLP, Spiritual practices, hypnosis and your own vision, you'll align with your dream for 2021 in a way that will make it real. Learn how to consistently manifest your dreams and become a magnet for what you desire. Authentic, interactive, at the deep level of your consciousness, this training leaves you wiser, knowing what steps to take, and how to take them in 2021.

Vision 2021 is the opposite of hype about goals for the New Year. Instead, you'll be looking at your intentions, deciding your outcome at the end of the year, and working back through your personal TimeLine creating your results. This powerful technique changed my life and it can change yours!


You're in this thing for life, so why not be the best that you can be? Why not give yourself access to the strongest and best resources you can? Why not give yourself every opportunity to make the most of 2021.

Join us for only $49!

Seating is limited.

We want you to be able to actively participate.

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Your Passion


Decades of experience as a sales and NLP trainer, and body language expert.

Thousands of lives changed. Undeniable results.

NLP Sessions

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do and what's driving you forward? If you're not happy with your life, it could be decisions you've made at an unconscious level. You can uncover and REWIRE the decisions you made as a child, in a previous lifetime, or that you carry through your ancestral line. In these remarkable, one-on-one sessions (all using Zoom during Coronavirus), you discover the freedom of releasing negative emotions, trauma, and phobias quickly and without having to talk about events in detail.


Freeing and Transformational

Public Speaking

NLP Certification

Are you delivering a message through your facial expressions and body language that says something different than the words you're using? Are you doubting what your intuition may be telling you about a person or situation and not know why?

Body language accounts for over half of all communication. Your actual words and tone account for the rest. Learn the non-verbal keys that build trustworthy, confident relationships.

Communicate confidently in sales, business, and all your relationships.

In the Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings, you experience personal transformation and the fulfillment of assisting others on their journeys. You gain hands-on experience through live Zoom classes, demonstrations on and with each other, and the ability to work with clients who have never experienced NLP. You will personally transform and gain the skills to move forward successfully in whatever you choose in life - including an NLP career.

Change your mind--Transform YOUR life!

Reach Your Goals

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