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Body Language 101

How Body Language Can
Make or Break Your Success!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Adams Hub for Innovation

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Does what you say match what you do?

Experts say that only 7% of your words make up your communication.

The remaining 93% is tone and body language and is received at the unconscious level.

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What message are you sending?

What if you're unconsciously sending a different message than what you really mean? 

How can changing the simplest of postures change the way you're seen as a leader?

Discover the basics of body language and leadership in this 2-hour, LIVE, interactive, Body Language 101 Introductory Masterclass


What The Experts Say


What You Don't See, You Don't See...The Basics of Body Language

Just how is your communication impacted by what you don’t say or don’t know you say with your body. Experience how changing your physiology can change your life. Interactive and fun, we’ll explore what to do when your frontal lobe shuts down and you are left with no answers, chaos and confusion! Or what to say and do right then and there rather than in front of the mirror after the fact!

Just What Does That Look Mean? Postures, Gestures, Handshakes and More

What happens when you meet someone new? What message are they getting from you? What is their body language saying back? do you handle it? Together, we'll talk about the impact of your body language in specific situations. Interactive, direct experiences will help you understand the message you're delivering as a leader and what you're receiving on the other end.

Folks loved the presentation today! Way to have an impact on other people's lives!!! (One person leaned over to me during the event and said, "This is awesome!" I look foward to more encounters like today in the future!

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Kira Huffaker
Director with Beautycounter

Alexanne has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding body language, using carefully crafted words, exerting confidence, asking questions, and finally understanding my own unconscious mind and the power I have to change it!

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Rita Eissmann

 In the ten years that I have been giving commercials about my business, today I experienced 20 people lean in and listen to what it was that I was offering. And they acted on it! I’m absolutely blown away and so excited to go to the next step and see what the future holds!