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FREE Introduction to NLP

How do you make and store your memories...
from both the Past and the Future?

Wait? What? Memories from the Future?

Saturday, August 21, 2021

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Live or Online - You Choose!

Adams Hub for Innovation

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We'll be VIRTUAL or LIVE at Adam's Hub for this Masterclass

Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

You get to choose!


Alexanne Stone will be teaching this Free Introductory Masterclass at Adams Hub and you can come and enjoy the class in person (honoring the latest mask mandates) or you can join us for the class online (link to be provided). Either way - It is FUN and EYE OPENING!


Discover the basics of NLP and how integrating these key concepts and strategies can help overcome fears, increase your confidence, and achieve greater success in both your personal and professional lives and in your relationships.

In this INTERACTIVE training, you'll learn some of the basic skill and confidence boosting techniques:

  • Model of the World - Is everyone's reality the same? Discover how we process information, make memories, and come up with what we call "Reality".

  • Representational Systems - Did you know that your body belies how you make Pictures, Sounds and Feelings. Learn to enjoy the differences between each and how you can spot the cues and speak in someone else's system. You'll experience increases in communication and relationships. This is a powerful tool for any leader or sales professional.

  • TimeLine Design - People store all of their memories on a line of time. Where is yours? How do you see, hear, feel your future and how is your past impacting your ability to move forward into your dreams. Discover your TimeLine and take a peek at the past and future. You'll be AMAZED at what you see.


This is a Complimentary, 3-Hour, Interactive, Live or Virtual training. This Saturday event will last for 3 hours with a short break at the end of each hour. Because this is a LIVE or VIRTUAL event, get ready for the unexpected. 


This class size is very limited so that you can actively participate and get  your questions answered. There is no charge for this Masterclass. All I  ask is that you make a donation to your favorite charity.

Will you join us IN PERSON or ONLINE? Either way - I can't wait to share this life-changing information with you!

Jenny Treece_edited.jpg

Folks loved the presentation today! Way to have an impact on other people's lives!!! One person leaned over to me during the event and said, "This is awesome!" I look forward to more encounters like today in the future!

Amy Wamre.jpg

Amy Wamre
Pure Romance

I think this class is really great. I've always loved to learn someone else's perspective when I'm talking to them. I accept they don't have the same thoughts as I do. To have this program that really fine tunes that is fabulous!

Tina Thornton.jpg

Tina Thornton-Louis
Loan Officer, Northpointe Bank

One of the things I really love about when you hold these's so informal. It's very casual. You are so receptive to what people are learning. You follow that rather than being so stringent with a predetermined agenda.

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