5 Surprising Ways Your Body Language Affects Your Bottom Line

Slumped shoulders speak a lot on your behalf and will unconsciously influence how others perceive you. In fact, some studies show that as much as 93-percent of communication is nonverbal, according to The New York Times.

Signs of Poor Body Language

Forbes reports some of the most common signs of poor boy language include:

  • Frowning or furrowed brows

  • Lack of eye contact

  • Slumped sholders

  • Appearing sluggish

  • Standing too close or too far away from others

  • Folded arms

  • Too weak or too firm of a handshake

Although these can be signs, they are often misinterpreted. It helps to have some additional training in body language to be able to determine the underlying emotions or feelings being expressed.

1. Your Body Language Could Make or Break Sales

How you present yourself resonates with your employees and coworkers. If you are unwilling to put in the effort to appear motivated and engaged, they will follow suit.

Clients and leads are also perceptive of your posture and facial expressions. Appearing sluggish, sad, or unenthused will quickly undermine these clients and leads confidence in the company. In turn, it will quickly deter them from making any purchases.

Alternatively, a smile, strong eye contact, a solid handshake, and energetic demeanor can quickly make a sale and solidify a client for life.

2. Your Body Language Affects Your Employees and Coworkers