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What is your TimeLine?
How does working on your TimeLine
transform your life?

What if your Past is no more real than your Future?

What if you found out that your Anxiety is simply an Emotion from the Future that you can consciously eliminate?

What if you could create and live into the positive, abundant outcomes, goals, and dreams you've always wanted for yourself?

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How do you store your memories from the Past and Future?

How is it that you are able to store your memories in chronological order? If you didn't, how would you know to wake up today and be who you are? People who don't store their memories chronologically are people with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Here's the catch...

You're storing Memories from the Past and Memories from the Future! It's true! Yet, you don't even realize it.

You believe your memories from the past because you lived through them, right? You believe them to be true and you share your stories with others based on the truth of your memories. However...what if they're not exactly true? What if you've made them mean what you've made them mean - based on the conscious and unconscious experiences from your past?

Okay - what does that mean? 

It means that you've made decisions, created opinions and beliefs, had thoughts that you now believe to be reality and many of those decisions, etc. were made before you had the judgment and capability to make a rational decision. Psychology agrees that you don't even have that capability until around age six or seven.

Okay - so what does that mean?

You've made all kinds of unconscious decisions about yourself, other people, and life before you had any idea about what you were deciding. Then...those decisions that you made drive you at the unconscious level for the rest of your life. 

Example: You're in the first grade and the teacher asks a question. You jump out of your seat raising your hand. You've got this one. You're the donkey in Shrek, "Pick me! Pick me!" The teacher calls on you and you get the answer wrong. The whole class laughs. What decision do you make about raising your hand at that moment in time?

"Uh...never again!"

Fast forward to adulthood. I'm speaking to a crowd of a few hundred people and I ask, "Show of many of you...whatever question I ask?" What I see is a smattering of hands going up - some straight, most at eye level, and the people raising their hands are carefully, secretly looking around to see if anyone else is raising their hand. 

Why? Because they are scared that if they get it wrong, everyone will be looking at them or laughing at them. Why? Because everyone was in the first grade and they all made the same decision!

Which is real...the Past or the Future?

You might even ask how I can ask that question. Here's how. Your mind is going night and day. It has a job and it is excellent at it's job. It is a Meaning Making Machine! 

During our session we will:

  • Explore where you're looking to go as a leader

  • Discuss where you are now and what challenges or roadblocks are getting in the way

  • Identify the next steps to increase your leadership mastery - in both your personal and professional life

  • Determine how I can support you to create your dream (if we're a good fit)

This complimentary discovery session is for you if:

  • You are committed to expanding your efforts to communicate effectively

  • You know that persuasion is an art you're ready to master

  • You're not afraid of doing some "heavy lifting" and investing in your personal growth

  • You are open to mastering the art of both verbal and non-verbal communication

  • You want to take your leadership to the next level

Schedule Your 45-Minute Session With Alexanne

*Please only sign up for the session if you are serious about your business and looking for a coach to support you.

Shauna Ganes
RE/MAX Realtor
David Morris Group

I got a lot of healing in the roadblocks I didn't even know I had around my  performance in life. I cleared away the fuel for breakdowns and me not being effective. My quality of life just shot from zero to 100! I can't express the value of creating stronger relationships and being able to show up with more confidence of knowing that I worked through the things that had me doubt myself. 

"I got it! I bring a ton of value!" 

Shauna Ganes.jpg

Gena Marttala
Skin Care Rejuvenist

I'm my own entity and my own person. More and more things have come to me over time. I have a solid way of being, definitely more confident in my business and more self-assured. I'm more solid and in the moment.


Go ahead and go through this process.

Give Alexanne a try!

You'll be pleased you did.

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