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Mural - Women's Introductory Pilot Progr

My Story

I cut my teeth selling Apple computers in the early days in Silicon Valley. There was no product training and barely anyone had heard of Apple computers. Those in the know greeted the name with a guffaw saying, "No thanks. I don't need a toy!" I still run into people who remember me as the person who sold them their first Apple.

For 20 years I climbed the corporate sales ladder - in a man's world - all the way to vice president of international sales for a software firm in Santa Clara. On the way up, I became a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer. NLP is simply the study of the language of your mind and the minds of others. It lets you listen via verbal and non-verbal language to what's underneath what someone says - throwing open relationship doors and exploding sales.

I left Silicon Valley for Grand Rapids, Michigan, to spend the final years of their lives with both my parents. While there, I was the executive director of a non-profit under the Office of the Surgeon General and Homeland Security. One of the most meaningful jobs of my life, medical professionals were trained to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies like 9/11, Katrina and school shootings. Here I learned and taught Moulage (blood, guts and gore makeup) and have been wildly popular at Halloween ever since.

My journey to NLP came from surviving an abusive childhood, abusive marriages, rape, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and other traumas. For over 30 years, I've been helping people transform trauma and pain into peace and wholeness, both in private practice and through group coaching, seminars and workshops, and in the media. 

I served our country in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam war. They promised me everything, gave me a typewriter, and sent me to Guam! There, I was decorated for my work during the fall of Saigon in 1975. Before leaving the Air Force, I had the privilege of painting an 11' x 9' mural for the press room to honor the "Female Introductory Pilot Program". Women would finally be allowed to pilot airplanes in the Air Force - cargo planes. How far we have come - women were finally able to pilot jets in 1993!

I've been living in Reno, the Biggest Little City In The World, for over 10 years and love it! I loved college, where I became a dancing, Spanish-speaking engineer, who paints. And art has remained my favorite hobby, today in the form of knitting and crocheting, tangling with Zentangle, and playing with colored pencil, charcoal and acrylics.

When people ask me about the things I've done, my life experiences, I tell them that I'm "living all my past lives out loud now" here in this lifetime! Someone recently asked me if there's anything I cannot do. I said that my final frontier is to ride a horse. I know one is waiting for me on this summer's horizon.

  • Certified NLP Trainer since 1991 - Advanced Neuro-Dynamics

  • Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer since 1991 - Advanced Neuro-Dynamics

  • Center for Spiritual Living - Prayer Practitioner I (2010)

  • Landmark Worldwide - Introduction Leader (2014)


Certificates of Completion:

  • Life Training Basic and Advanced (1997)

  • Way of the Warrior I and II (1998)

  • DiSC Personality Trainer (1999)

  • Tony Robbins - Unleash the Power Within (2020)

  • Tom Hopkins Sales Training Bootcamp (2000)

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