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Alexanne Speaking on Body Language

Is your Body Language helping or hurting your success?

What message are you sending at the unconscious level through the words you choose and the way you move your body?

How do you read the message you're receiving from someone else?

And...when the message is incongruent with their do you handle it?

Discover the answers to these questions and more...

Book Alexanne for your team or meeting to increase your effective communication!

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Nikki Young
Realtor for Northern NV and Incline Village - Allison James Estates & Homes

"Thank you for presenting such great information.  As I looked around the room it was clear that everyone was engaged.  We received three new members that day and some of the credit goes to  you because of the meaningful information you shared.  I, too, was impressed with the info and your very relaxed and fun delivery!"

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Alexanne Speaking on Networking

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What's the key to creating instant rapport within the first 5-7 seconds?

What does my handshake say to someone else? What exactly does the "Upper Hand" mean?

How do I handle a "Firehoser" or someone who won't stop talking?

What do I do once someone's agreed to meet with me?

Discover the answers to these questions and more...

Book Alexanne for your team or meeting to increase your effective communication!

"Alexanne, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this training. Not like ooh!! Cuddly! More like damn this pushed me, let me learn so much about myself and other people, so much about how to help my clients. I ended up pulling an all nightery after class and then slept for 3 hours, woke up and told my son what we learned last night. Thanks for indulging all my questions and helping me understand the magic of NLP and Body Language in networking. Extra grateful for all the other people in this class. All around WOW!"


Brynn Breuner, CEO
Branding for founders and paradigm shifters that defy categorization


John Castaldi
General Manager
Lee Hecht Harrison

I loved your talk at NCET.

A fantastic session.

Enjoyable and educational. 

Dave Archer

Dave Archer
President / CEO


Thank you for so much for your presentation, and for taking the time to share your great info and experience!


The audience clearly loved you and you got a perfect “5” score.  Except for one person who wrote in “6+”!


Kevin Ciccotti
Certified Professional Coach

Human Factor Formula

I have seen Alexanne Stone present on body language several times now, and each time I walk away with more insights than I had previously. She has an incredibly energetic and engaging style and she always makes learning a fun event. It is clear to me not only her level of expertise in the understanding of body language and its impact, she also takes great joy in sharing that knowledge with her audiences. If you have a chance to see her speak, take it! You won’t regret it.

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