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Women's Coffee Network Connect

Every Third Monday of the Month


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Garden of Reno

700 S. Wells Avenue

Let's connect - in person - at this beautiful venue -

a combination of flower shop and coffee shop -

it is the perfect place for us to meet.

It actually feels like you're having coffee at a Spa!

 Join us for this exciting networking event.

Enhance and expand your friendships, relationships, leadership, and businesses!

What's the Focus?

The focus is on business...all of our businesses!


You'll be connecting for one of four reasons:

  1. Find out if someone is a Potential Client for you.

  2. Find out if someone is a good Referral Partner for you.

  3. Find out if someone is a good Power Partner for you.

  4. Everyone in the room will meet YOU!

  5. You'll walk away with appointments scheduled.

  6. Here's the best part - Make some New and Supportive Friends!

How Fun Is This?
Check out the WCNC Gallery for more photos

WCNC 10 - Jenn-Amy - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Susan-Rebekah - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Room View 2 - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Room View 1 - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Patti-Bianca - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Luciana-Caren - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Lisa-Alexanne - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Jaclyn-Crystall-Jenn - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Katie-Jenn - 11-21-22
WCNC 10 - Katie's Intromercial - 11-21-22

Women's Coffee Network Connect #10
November 21, 2022
The Garden of Reno

What's the Story?

Every event has a story and this one is no different. I love the company of women and love the experience of women supporting women. It's that simple. 

I wanted to plan a little get-together to showcase this new coffee shop and scheduled a date at the end of February, 2022. It was so much fun and such a hit that those of us who were there wanted to get together again...and again!

So, here we are - the third Monday of every month. 


Hear From Women Who Were There

"This event was so much fun! And this place is so beautiful! I met a whole bunch of incredible women and I'm going to be doing a party here as well. Come join us!"

— Amy Wamre

Sexual Educator for Pure Romance

“I met a lot of women from the area; a lot I've never met before or even seen on Zoom. So, I'm really excited to be meeting different women in the area.”

— Delmae Guiliani
Nail Expert at Tres Image

Sensi Lipstick - Distributor

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