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Is NLP for you?

Get Certified
as an
NLP Practitioner

October 24, 2022 - January 16, 2023
Weekly Training Live via Zoom
Online Video Modules & Scripts & Study Tools

Interactive with Live Demo Guests'
Private Coaching & NLP Sessions with Alexanne

120 Total Hours for Certification

NLP Practitioner Certification

October 24, 2022 - January 16, 2023
LIVE Via Zoom with Online study Modules & Tools

Private Coaching & NLP Sessions with Alexanne
120 Industry Standard Certification Hours

Includes Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification
and TimeLine Design™ Practitioner Certification

Yes! It's a total of 12 weeks of study!
(Time off during Christmas & New Year's)


Here's what you can expect...

Your success as an NLP Practitioner

is my most important consideration.

Most NLP courses enroll you and you’re either on your own, or you have days of intensive training with very little application or practice. This one-of-a-kind, innovative, in-depth program is designed to take your through three months of hands-on application.

  • You have time to integrate your work and the techniques.

  • Home study includes practicing so you can get the value for yourself and start helping others in their transformation.

  • You'll practice LIVE with assistance on people who have never been exposed to NLP or the techniques you're learning.

  • You'll see and feel a mastery that you won't get anywhere else.

  • You can continue with developing your skills even after you're certified.

Unusual for this type of certification,

small, interactive classes ensure you gain not only an understanding,

but a mastery over each of the areas of training in NLP.

You’ll be confident whenever you're using NLP!

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The first thing you'll experience is your own personal transformation

Initially developed to "model excellence", NLP has catapulted to one of the most powerful transformative tools available in our lives today. Many other techniques have developed from the foundation of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Practitioners and trainers around the world are continuously developing new, more in-depth, techniques, continually adding to personal and professional transformation.

​The first step to personal transformation is discovering your TimeLine, eliminating negative emotions and balancing both past and future memories. TimeLine Design™ is the tool that acts as a foundation for your transformation. Included in your tuition is an exclusive, one-on-one, 3-hour TimeLine Design™ session with Alexanne Stone, that you will complete before even starting the certification program. This session, valued at $500, is your first step in personal and professional transformation, as well as an initial requirement to complete the training. 

With the pre-requisite TimeLine Design™ session completed, you move forward with the three months. You learn the basics of NLP (as outlined by all professional organizations). Each week's training builds on the week before culminating in you using and understanding NLP, the basics of Hypnotherapy, and TimeLine Design™. You'll work with each other and with Alexanne to complete your transformation throughout the program as we "go with the flow" of your growth from week-to-week. 

Because this program is tailored to a small group, the class becomes a microcosm of life as a whole. You experience what happens in the natural shift accomplished through NLP. Sometimes class stops where it is and we deal with real life as it is - clearing what comes up or is stopping you from moving forward in any and all areas of your life.


Exciting and fun, each class is unpredictable, different in it's outcome, and a unique experience for each student on the road to practitioner.

You'll be able to help others transform their lives

Not only will you absorb what you discover for yourself in this transformational certification program, you’ll know how to use it in the future as a tool for your continued self-development. For those of you who are already in business and would like to add NLP to your repertoire or even go into business using NLP as your foundation, this program is designed to ensure you know what you’re doing.

We bring clients to some of the trainings who have never been exposed to NLP. You have the opportunity to see how they respond to the techniques and we will break down responses and reactions – LIVE – as they are happening in real time through real-life situations. This gives you the experience of what to do when things don’t go according to practice – how to think deeply and channel what the client needs through direct examples.

In this program, your level of expertise is heightened by the time dedicated to you. Because the number of participants are limited to 12, you have access to me, Alexanne Stone, throughout your training.  I like to tell my practitioner students that I'm yours for the next three months. Easily accessible, I’m here for your questions, coaching, and personal and professional growth.

Self-study, individual and group coaching on techniques and business training round out the required 120 hours of training to complete your NLP Practitioner Certification. You learn by doing, discussion, review, and practical application.  

Abdominal Therapy Practitioner and Educator - Spiritual Healing Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist

Writer of Conscious Content


Are these classes LIVE or on ZOOM?

These are LIVE classes conducted via Zoom. This program includes self-study videos and exercises designed for your personal transformation and, as you choose to work with others - for their transformation as well.


You are mentored and coached on-the-spot in each training. Because this program contains "Real time, LIVE training" you absorb the information at a deeper level than simply studying videos or audio tapes alone. And the diversity of students from across the nation makes this certification even more interesting.


We will see a lot of each other and spend extra time as needed since there is no "drive time" that we have to deal with. (Class times are based on Pacific Time. Please adjust your calendar accordingly.)

Tuition and Cancellation


The tuition for this innovative, in-depth program is $4,000. There is a 10% discount if you pay in full before the start date bringing it to $3,600.


Should you decide to pay over time, the investment to reserve a slot in the certification training is $500. A non-refundable administrative charge of $250 will be retained should you withdraw prior to the start date. You and Alexanne will privately determine a payment plan that works into your lifestyle and schedule. (There is no financial penalty should you choose to pay over time. And my goal is that you get the information. Talk to Alexanne if you want to take the program, but are not sure you can pay the $4,000 before the end of the training.)


Your individual circumstances are always a consideration and if another payment plan needs to be worked out, we will do so together. You deserve to have this knowledge! 


  • Will it work for you?

  • What else do you want to know?

  • Let's connect!



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Reno, Nevada
Nationwide via Zoom

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