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Do You Feel Like You're
Wasting Time At Networking Events?

Why Try To Figure It Out All By Yourself...
When There's A Proven System In Place You Can Follow?

Join us for the Kick-Ass Networking Workshop

Take Names, Numbers  & New Clients At Any Event!

Friday, January 6, 2023

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sparks, Nevada

Location Provided Upon Registration Confirmation


Have you ever experienced any of these?

  • Do you dread networking events?

  • Do you just wish you didn't have to do them?

  • Do you hurry through the door and find a friend first thing?

  • Or do you find a seat and sweat until the speaker starts?


Maybe you're already a strong networker.

Do you want to know even more of the secrets to leverage greater success?


What if you could walk in feeling confident? What if you knew exactly who to talk to? What if you could turn the contacts you meet into power partners? 

Imagine that you've made your time, energy, and money work for you at every networking event. You walk away with potential clients, referrals, and strategic partners. Discover how to Kick-Ass, increase your sales, and become the strongest networker in the room!

Wouldn't you love to go from Business Cards to Credit Cards?

Kick-Ass Networking Slide Logo.png
Image by Aneta Pawlik

Here are some of the keys you'll walk away with...

  • What's the key to creating instant rapport within the first 5-7 seconds?

  • What does my handshake say to someone else?

  • What the heck do I say when I'm asked what I do?

  • Does it matter who talks first?

  • What does my body language say about me? How do I read theirs?

  • How do I handle a "Firehoser" or someone who won't stop talking?

  • How do I pre-qualify so I'm not chasing the wrong people?

  • What do I do once someone's agreed to meet with me?

  • I'm in the appointment...what now?

  • Discover the answers to these questions and more...

The Kick-Ass Networking Workshop Includes...

  • Workbooks, action steps, scripts, and templates.

  • Connection to a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs to collaborate with.

  • I'll share my PROVEN SCRIPTS... to prepare you step-by-step.

  • Access to three videos to reinforce what you've learned in the workshop.


I'll share my sales and networking expertise and wisdom from my 30 years as a top-producing sales executive. Not only that, you'll have the benefits of language - both verbal and non-verbal from my 30 years as a trainer in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Body Language.


Alexanne is often called the "Networking Connection Queen."

"It is with great joy and a full heart that I get to share this with you."

Maxine Ramirez

Before Kick-Ass Networking I struggled to make appointments while at a networking event.

Oftentimes I would feel really nervous about making connections, building connections and establishing rapport. I just didn’t know how to do it. Your training was so impactful. Not only did you walk us through the stages of networking, but you gave detailed advice that I feel confident in applying to real-life scenarios. It was great watching you teach and learning from you.

So…thank you!


Susan Ackerman

I went to Kick-Ass Networking and I have to tell you, it was a game changer.

It is so interesting when you walk into networking. You know, we’re nervous and not sure what to do. What’s really wonderful about Alexanne’s program is that she gives you easy to do steps that have you getting in there collecting names, meeting contacts and setting up appointments. That results in sales!


Networking From Your Heart

Alexanne - Yellow Flowers Web - 4-3-22.jpg

Things have changed over the past year. We were out and then we weren't and now we're out and about again. People aren't sure how to connect anymore and networking is a whole new game.

People share with me all the time, "I know that building relationships is the most important part of any sale. I also know that I'm a bit unsure how to go about networking after these past two years. I don't want to let clients and income slip through the cracks because I'm too nervous to get out in public and meet people again."

I'm here to say that it's different and it's the same. Building those relationships is sometimes even easier now as people want to get out and be together. When you come from a place of service and giving, you open the doorway to create powerful relationships. When you have the tools to know how you come across and to be able to read others accurately, you open more than just a open the ability to influence an outcome of trust and authentic communication.

I invite you to join us for this empowering, influential workshop. I promise you, it will be an investment that will pay for itself over and over again! Here's to Kicking Ass when you network!

Yes! I Want To Kick-Ass Network!

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