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PUYFU - Nov 4, 2018 - Alexanne Speaking3

Ways To Work With Alexanne

NLP Sessions

Individual NLP sessions (via Zoom) are the foundational first step in resolving the blocks that are holding you back. These blocks are the results of decisions that you have made at the unconscious level during your past.

We will work together in the way you store your memories - both past and future - and rewire thought patterns, habits, and negative emotions held deeply in your psyche and in your body without your conscious awareness.You will be amazed at the memories you uncover and how easily you resolve past trauma.

You are provided a crystal clear formula that will lay out the exact steps you take to resolve past traumatic memories. You will grow in the moment while still feeling safe and comfortable.

My Promise To You:

By the end of this 4-session program, you will have a much clearer understanding of your habits, patterns, and how to resolve them in the future. You will have learned the technique enabling you to deal with situations as they happen and you will see, hear, and feel the shift in your body having released your old patterns. You'll have a deeper clarity about who you are and what you want. Your conversations will deepen at all levels and you'll see, hear, and feel differently as you start creating the future you want.

Champions of Confidence

Have you ever found yourself telling someone that you're stuck or don't know how to move forward in your life or your business? You know you're ready to move into success, but find yourself procrastinating rather than taking action?

If you're ready to create major breakthroughs in every area of your life - this is the program for you!

Because we'll be spending three months together, you will have the time and space to create the future in a crystal clear, exciting vision and to make it your actual reality.

You'll discover a depth to yourself that you weren't aware of before and your conversations will deepen, relationships will deepen, and your life will be balanced as you move through what's yet to come.

You gain the tools to literally create what you want in your future the way you want it. Although life seems to throw curve balls your way, you're solid and unshaken as you steadily move toward and manifest your dreams.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?


Like anything else that you do to improve yourself and your life, it takes on-going work. You have the knowledge of the techniques you've learned and the ability to apply those techniques with clarity and accuracy as you move forward through this coaching program.

The program covers all areas of your life. How? Simon Sinek is known recently for saying, "How you do one thing is how you do everything." When you work on your core limiting beliefs and decisions, the resulting clarity flows into every area of your life.

NLP Certification

As a trainer in NLP since 1991, I have certified hundreds in these techniques at both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. The first few trainings were by rote as I learned going along.

Now the trainings are filled with experience, knowledge, and the ability to explain clearly both techniques and the reasons behind them and why they work.

In these trainings, we work via Zoom over the course of three months? Why don't I just do a quick program over a few days in a row? Couple of reasons:

1.  I want you to get it! You'll have time to integrate what you've learned and practice on your own friends and family or actual clients. These recorded sessions include mentoring so you get comfortable and competent with each area of expertise.

2.  We work with live clients! You have the opportunity to see demonstration sessions on live clients who have never before done NLP. Either I bring those clients to session or you invite someone who you believe can be helped. We interact during the session and you get the first-hand experience in doing rather than just watching.

Not for everyone*, these trainings are for those who would like phenomenal personal transformation and/or the ability to "hang a shingle" as an NLP Practitioner.

My Promise To You:

You will understand NLP at a deep level with several areas of core transformation in yourself. You can, if you choose, move into a career path with what you learn in just the Practitioner certification program. Even more so with Master Practitioner.

*These certification programs require 120 hours of lecture, practical application, and testing at the end of the training. Please connect if you have questions about these trainings to see if you qualify and would be able to commit to your personal transformation.

Beth Townsend.jpg

Beth Ann Townsend
NLP Practitioner ♦ Abdominal Therapy Collective Educator ♦ Spiritual Healing Practitioner

"This class exceeded expectation. I feel that I'm walking away with more than I anticipated as far as new tools to work with my clientele. I feel confident and able to take this material forward."

Gina Best.jpg

Gina Best
Keynote Speaker ♦ Coach ♦ Inspirational Speaker ♦ NLP Practitioner

"I think this class was awesome! I really loved the way it was presented over time and that we got to work with people in the class who had never had NLP. It gave me the confidence I need to go forward and use NLP in my practice."


Zach Ericksen
Writer ♦ NLP Practitioner

"This class has entirely changed the way that I interact with people, how I perceive the world, and how I process the data from the outside world. I can now go out and help people and I'm now one step closer to feeling that I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing on this earth.

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