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Are You Being Heard?

Experts say that only 7% of your words make up your communication.

The remaining 93% is tone and body language and is received at the unconscious level.

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How Do You Know?

Is how you’re using your personal space, posture, physical gestures, facial expressions and even eye contact getting you the response you want? 

Or is it, in fact, derailing your success?

At these Body Language Masterclasses, you'll discover the power your body language has on your leadership.

Live - Interactive - Fun!

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Is Your Reality Really Real? 

How you form the decisions and thoughts in early childhood that drive you the rest of your life.

We’ve all made decisions about ourselves, others and life. Many of those decisions come from early childhood and are made at the unconscious level. Those thoughts, decisions and beliefs are reflected in both our verbal and non-verbal language. We will touch on how some of your language may hurt your leadership and this masterclass will show you how to recognize your non-verbal communication when it happens. More importantly, you’ll begin to spot how those early decisions and beliefs show up in your communication and your leadership styles. You will also be able to “step into someone else’s world” and begin to recognize how they have made their decisions and how it is showing up in their body language. When you have these tools, you are more able to guide a conversation to the positive outcome you want.

Will Pictures, Sounds and Feelings Change Your Success?

How to spot the body language of your clients and turn it into sales.

Words. Words. Words. We all have a favored style of processing information and it shows up for us as pictures, sounds and feelings. Which one do you favor and how do you spot it in your clients? You listen, right? In this class you'll also learn what to look for and how to structure your presentation to meet your client right where they are.

Are They Really Lying?

Body Language "Tells" or How to Read Between the Gestures

Take a Deep Dive into the myths about body language and discover the truth! How do you spot someone who is telling a lie? And what to do or say when you spot something that just doesn't sit well with your "gut feeling". What is the unconscious message telling you and how do you handle it?

The Truth About Matching & Mirroring

What's so great about it?

One of the most over-used and least understood methods of establishing instant rapport, discover how what you're doing may be pushing people away - without even touching them! Practice techniques that prove how your conscious awareness of body language can guide a conversation to a win-win outcome for you, your clients, employees and even your friends and family.

Postures, Gestures, Handshakes and More

What do they really mean?

Let's answer questions about specific situations? What does that handshake mean? What do I do if someone keeps talking and talking. Did I survive 2020's "Zoom Hands?" Direct experience will help you understand the message you're delivering as a leader and what you're receiving on the other end. Know who has the "upper hand" and what that really means for your business.

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